November 15, 2010

( monday outfit )

outfit deets:
striped top - h&m
army green cord shorts - old navy
thigh high boots - steve madden
scarf - thrifted for $1
headband - pantyhose leg
(i've been wearing my hair up with headpieces often)
so i haven't been into old navy in a looong time & yesterday i had 20 minutes for work so i popped in & am SO glad that i did! their clearance section was 30% off of the already marked down price & then it was family/friends day so they had an additional 30% off of that too...60% off of already marked down items, amazing? i know!! so get this (here's the part where i get really excited) i got these cute army green cord shorts, a brown cord skirt, a grey denim jacket & a black sweater for (here's the part where i get really REALLY excited)...thirty-freaking-dollars! no joke. if i had of bought each piece regular price it would have been around $120; for $30...insane. gosh i love me a good deal!
i adore this scarf.
i saw it while thrifting one day & knew i had to have it. it is so cozy & warm & i love me a good, warm knitted scarf :)
i really want this week to be over so that it can be saturday and i can be heading up to our new cottage with my family. go by quick please mr.week...