November 5, 2010

( outfit post + new hair )

oh hi.
i dyed my hair...again, yup i know i know...
i'm trying to get rid of the red completely (for now) but it just keeps poking through so i just keep having to dye it.
today i tried a new brand (i usually switch it up everytime) it's called GOSH & i quite liked it, plus it was cheaper then most of the others too.
also, the bangs are back in town
cut them myself today after dying it,
i think i prefer me with some sort of bangs as opposed to not.
outfit deets:
plaid button down - thrifted
tank - urban
leggings - stitches
boots - thrifted

it was time to get out the winter boots today,
first it was raining then it started SNOWING...
snowing, i say, snowing!!
i mean, what is that? i totally was not done with fall yet.

i thrifted these winter boots last year for about $5
they are fur lined & made in canada even,
& that makes me super happy!

so it's the freaking weekend baby i'm about to have me some fun (r.kelly...anyone?) anywho! my cousin erin, or you may know her as red food colouring is visiting her friend in peterborough tonight & so we're going to meet up for some drinks & to catch up as it's been almost 2 years which is just silly so i'm really looking forward to seeing her. tomorrow i work and sunday will be a day to relax and hopefully get some laundry & homework done.