November 3, 2010

( wed: outfit post )

outfit details
heathered grey v-neck - american apparel
cargo pants - H&M
belt - thrifted
boots - steve madden

today's been really good so far.
i had class/test at 8am in bookkeeping which i don't think i did too famously on but we'll see...then i had business and we got back our midterms which were worth 20% of our mark and i friggin' ROCKED it; 87%!! oh yaaaa...i don't know who this girl is who's getting 80s but i like it :) that means i'm getting an 81% in the class right now and if i keep that up (over 80) i won't have to write the final exam which would be awesoooome. went to the gym between classes for an hour which felt good as i hadn't exercised in tooooo long & then had tea at the only with meg & amber which was nice :) now i'm waiting for those two to come over for some beers & we're going to go out on the town as i don't have class until 5pm tomorrow; wahoo!!

hope everyone has had a lovely wednesday