December 31, 2010

hello(please be nice to me)
2010 was a really great year for me...lots of life changes, what with quitting my terrible job at the call center & deciding to go back to school, getting a job at h&m (which i had always dreamed of working at) & continuing my amazing relationship with mikey. i'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for me/us. first, a move...who knows what else!
as for resolutions...i usually make some but either never stick with them or end up making more throughout the year. i think it's important to make positive changes throughout the year, not just when a new one comes around but in the spirit of the season,
here are my new years resolutions:
+ eat healthier (duh!)
+ keep a regular exercise regime
+ spend less time on the computer, more time with mikey & friends
& i would also like to have my owl (side piece) coloured in before the summer.
blog related resolutions:
+ do more outfit posts
+ make some weekly regular posts
+ comment on others blogs more!