December 31, 2010

so for those of who don't know, i live in ontario, canada...this time of year is usually -10 degrees...or there abouts, today it was +6 outside...unreal! so i took advantage of the 'warm' weather & this is what i wore:
outfit details:
circle scarf - h&m
striped long sleeve -h&m
denim jacket - old navy
tights &tank - also h&m
boots - spring
i ♥ circle scarves soooo much!!

this denim jacket cost me $4, amazing!

i don't remember the last time i wore real pants,
aka: jeans or something with a button and pockets...

new boots from spring, boxing week sale...$35!
i had wanted a grey pair for a long time & these are great.
alright, it's new years eve
what are your plans??
i'm going to a house party with my closest of friends,
have a safe & lovely evening everyone!!