December 30, 2010

( life update )

so i know i've apologized a million times for being a bad blogger but i have good reason. the holidays are always a busy time for everyone & i had a lot of back and forth between my parents house & other christmas parties and such (& work of course) but it was all very enjoyable. i had a wonderful christmas and time off at home (not quite as long as i would have liked but i have another weekend off coming up & coincidentally the 3 days prior, so a total of 5 days off) which will be great as they are right before i start back into my second semester at college.
in other news, mikey & i are moving...again. haha, i have been here for 3 years (in the same town as/living with mikey) & every year we've moved onto something better so here's hoping we're in this new place for a good long time! i don't doubt that we will be as we are both in love (with the place & with each other...hehehe)

this is a view after walking up our front stairs (the apartment is the upper half of a house. the lower half is a music store that sells guitars, aka: no neighbours...other then the house beside us of course but i mean no sharing wall neighbours which will be lovely!) the room to the left is looking into my craft room (yes my VERY own craft room/office) and to the right is looking into the dining room. behind us is our master bedroom...which looks like the other spaces (empty, for now) i didn't post a photo.

this is said dining room (in the front here) and in the back there is our living room (& that door leads to a cute balcony!) this photo doesn't really show the size but both are big and the same width :) also, how cute is that chandelier?

these stairs go down to our front porch.
we've never had a front porch before...though small, it's still a front porch! around the side there are the stairs that go up to our attic/second floor.

this is a crappy shot of our bathroom but i just wanted to showcase/mention that we a) have a bathtub & b) there are jets in it...yup, a jacuzzi tub...eeee!! i haven't had a bathtub in over a year so i am SUPER was one of my requirements for the new place.

our kitchen...
do you see those floors? I SAID do you see those floors?? if i wasn't sold on the place before (which i was...) i would have been when i saw these dreamy floors. yes, this is the kitchen flooring of my dreams, no lie. gosh, i'm in love. anywho, lots of counter space/two sinks on the side of the kitchen you can't see in this photo.

& this little beauty will be my craft room/ very own space that i can decorate any which way i want. i almost wish that he had of left one of the walls the pink colour that he said he had just painted over as that would have been cute but i guess i could always paint it if i wanted to as well.
i am so excited to have a space to call my own!!

& this is the attic (well, one half of it...the other half isn't finished & will be used for storage) this will be mikeys space where he can bring his projector and x-box and video game/watch movies to his hearts content. we're both so happy to have our own spaces...not that it's ever a problem living in the loft that we're in now as we obviously get along and love each other (haha) but we've found it harder when i'm trying to do homework or read or anything that's quiet and he's watching a movie on the projector or playing video games in the same room. that can be a problem with open-concept lofts...that and lack of storage in the place we're in now is the reason why we're leaving this place.
don't get me wrong, we absolutely adore the space we're in. it's incredibly gorgeous, stainless steel counter-tops, beautiful hardwood floors, 12 foot ceilings, massive windows, RIGHT downtown...and we'll miss the heck out of this place i'm sure, but it's really meant for 1 person, not 2...and especially not 2 who both like stuff and have a lot of clothes, lol.
so anyways, some fun changes for 2011 that we are both REALLY excited for.
tomorrow i will post my new years resolutions :)