December 8, 2010

( knitted headbands )

a few weeks ago i posted this post about the knitted headbands i have been busy working on. well, i'm still offering them (for $20, shipping included) so if you haven't placed an order & would like to, message me in the comments with your email & i will be in touch!

here's one i made last night. this was a request from a customer but i love the black band/white bow combo. it's really cute & classic and would go with just about anything. i love wearing mine as a headband too...not just for outside to keep my ears warm (though it does that too)

here's danielle, you may know her as
biscuit wearing her grey/teal headband. she loves hers so much she's ordering another:

i currently have black, white, grey, seafoam, cranberry, pale pink, oatmeal and ivory. i can get more yarn though if you have a special request.

here's my friends daughter summer wearing hers. clearly adorable on kids & babies too!