December 10, 2010

( 15 days til christmas )

so whenever i first dye my hair dark brown (yes i dyed it again today!) it always, always looks black for the first couple of washes before it starts to fade. i'm okay with it...i actually kind of really like it even.
i might be obsessed with box dye/dying my hair. i do it like once month...i know that's pretty unhealthy for my hair but i love the feel of it right after dying it. it's always so shiny and pretty and feels so nice...and it's not like my hair's falling out or anything...(yet)

outfit details:
top, circle scarf & skirt - H&M
floral tights - unknown
boots - steve madden from S.O.S
i love this scarf!!
only $9.99 in the kids department
(i ♥ working in kids at H&M because i find gems like these)
my christmas manicure i did this morning. you can't tell but that one finger has the prettiest silver sparkles all over it. i used to love sparkley nail polish when i was little girl & i'm glad it's made a comeback.

ah, where have i been? not in blog world that's for sure...womp womp. school has just been finishing up so that's been consuming my life somewhat. tuesday is my last day so wahoo, that will feel glorious once i am done. i've had a few tests and projects the last little bit. i got exempt from my final business exam as i have over 80% in that course so that made me feel pretty darn good :) i've never been an honours student & all of a sudden i am, hurray! today i had my 3rd cup of coffee, ever. i've never been a coffee drinker but a couple of days ago i had my first cup and have been enjoying them ever since. by no means am i going to start drinking it as much as most coffee drinkers but one every couple of days will be good (& since i don't drink anything with caffeine in it normally, i get a good caffeine buzz; wooo!)

tomorrow is my two year anniversary...
with my blog :)