January 5, 2011

( blah. feeling blah )

this whole being sick thing while i have time off work really really REALLY sucks. i don't want to sit around inside but being outside in the cold probably isn't a good idea either [but it's so nice & sunny out] and nobody wants to hangout with a sick person, right? so i'm stuck inside, starting to get cabin fever and looking for things to do. i'm browsing the internet and trying to get design ideas for the new place, that's always fun. maybe i will put my creative brain to use today and work on some new projects...yes, that's a good idea.

also, i don't know if it's from being sick or if 2011 is the year of sudden acne at (almost) age 25 [greeeat] but i all of a sudden i am getting welts on my face, yes...welts and they are NOT welcome, at all. last night i was convinced i was getting the chicken pox (though i already had them when i was younger and you rarely get them again) but they're not itchy. they are in the strangest places too, like in the middle of my cheek? i've never gotten a pimple there in my entire life. chin, nose...fine. cheek, what? alright, too much information, no one cares about the state of my skin. it's really bothering me though...for someone who rarely gets pimples, these are totally bringing me down.

anywho, if you have any ideas to keep me busy for the next 3 days, they are VERY welcomed so i don't lose my miiiiind!
perhaps i will put on this pretty dress (which i got for my betty boop costume this year) & frolick around the apartment) it always makes me feel pretty & if it didn't, at least the red would match the spots on my face...
alright, alright...debbie downer, signing off.