January 4, 2011

( beautiful ladies singing beautiful music )

who is this pretty gal?
ellie goulding, my new favourite singer...and she should be yours too. she's 24, british, adorable & has an incredible voice. my favourite songs of hers are lights, starry eyed (which also has a phenomenal dance remix by jakwob, which is actually how i first found out about her) & she does an amazing cover to only girl (in the world) by rihanna...goosebumps i tell ya. if you don't listen to any of those, please listen to the rihanna cover, i'm so serious.

also: the name elle/ellie have been #1 in my girl names list (no i don't plan on having a baby anytime soon but c'mon...what girl doesn't at least have a mental, if not written list of names she likes...am i right?)
some other (fave) beautiful songs by beautiful ladies:
use somebody (cover) - paramore
hometown glory - adele
the nicest thing - kate nash
breathe me - sia
all of those songs give me goosebumps, i love a song that can do that to you. all of those songs are definitely in my top...er, 15 list. i can't do a top five, maybe one day.