January 4, 2011

( blah )

so remember how yesterday i was all like "the best thing to do when you're sick is get on with your everyday life" ...i lied. work was brutal. it was only a 4 hour shift (& i was in fits the whole time) but i was in so much pain, i hate hate hate the body aches. cold meds & advil did nothing to help it either...blah. i went to bed at 6pm & slept til 10am this morning; gotta love a 14 hour sleep. luckily i have the next 6 days off so hopefully i can get lots of rest & be feeling better for friday (girls weekend!)
today i unfortunately have to leave the house to go to school & sign my osap papers...not even the flu (if that's what this is) can stop me from getting my osap monies, lol. i just hope they don't mind me showing up with a kleenex jammed up this one nostril that just will.not.stop.running...
ps: that little babe up there is to make you smile if you're having a day like i am...that's mikeys niece frankie, isn't she the cutest??