January 21, 2011

vintage florals
in all shapes, sizes & colours

i just bought 2 new flavours; the skinny (organic) & white spring pearls which i am currently drinking. it was pretty pricey in comparison to their other teas but so so yummy!

this amazing love seat/chair set we bought off of kijiji.

mikey & our friend russ were nice enough to drive about an hour to pick it up for our new place...the lady told me they were $80, then when the boys got there she had lowered it to only $40 for the set, amazing right? (as i stated in a previous blog post...some will find them hideous [& that's okay] but i am so in love with them & think they are perfect for our sitting room! again with the vintage florals...)

this little miss

she might be a miserable bitch sometimes...
okay, mostly all of the time, haha but she is oh-so-cute!
pretty snow

i'm going to miss having these big 12 foot high windows to look out of/creep/people watch from, hehe.

these adorable leather wristlets from bird trouble.
cognac leather + lace = so pretty

what are you loving lately??