January 21, 2011

( outfit post x2 + tattoo )

outfit details:
blazer - h&m divided
tunnel scarf - h&m kids
tights - urban planet
tank top - insight (it's an artist kitty, hehe)
clear lensed glasses - don't remember?
[excuse the moving mess in the background]

i got so many compliments on this outfit when i was working at h&m last night...this one girl who was about 15 maybe came up to me and said "i have to say...i'm in here all the time & i just love your style!" she totally made my night!! random acts of kindness, so lovely.
outfit details:
toque - h&m
army green button down - wal mart ($16!)
tights - urban planet

this brooch belonged to my mums grandmother & i love love love it!!

i couldn't get over the price of this shirt...it's my new favourite top currently.

& the other day teddy started the colour process on my cover up/owl side piece :)

you can still see a bit of the cover up (above the roses, in the owl) if you're wondering, this is my side/rib cage and on the right...that is my arm, covering my boob, haha. anyway, i loooove the colour. so vibrant! i cannot WAIT for this piece to be done...it's going to look incredible. i'm REALLY dreading going back though to be honest as side pieces are by FAR the sorest spot to get tattooed (that i've experienced anyway) & that owl is going to be the death of me...ouch!! it's so worth it though...