January 14, 2011

( reasons to be excited!! )

we will be fully moved into our beautiful new place

(yup, get jealous. those black&white checkered floors are all mine!) and and and and annnnd i will have my very own craft/office/closet/getting-ready-room :D eeeeee!!!

(FEB.14th & 16th)

mikey&i celebrate our 3rd valentines day

& our 3 year anniversary

(MARCH 1-7th)

flying away from the cold to hot weather & white sands

(not finalized just yet as to where we are going)
but i'm going with mikey, bry & jess & i am BEYOND excited!!

oh ya!!
lots&lots of reasons to be excited...

also, today i am getting some work done on my owl side piece...i'm not particularly 'excited' about this as it hurts like a...well, a LOT but it will be pretty & i want to get the ball rolling on the colour process as it will take quiiite a few hours...like 15!