January 12, 2011

( some adorable little babes )

i kind of have baby fever...though i guess i've always had it as i can't wait to be a mum! i know that i won't have babies for another few years because let's be honest, i'm really still learning to take care of myself but my gosh it's tough when so many blogs you follow have adorable little babes...
melissa & brent of dear baby have this sweet little girl everly...

jen of jenloveskev & her daughter rowan...just look at those cheeks. oh my goodness, she's just a doll!

this is little gemma & her closet, james' newest addition to the family from bleubird vintage she showed a tour of gemmas nursey today and these two photos stole my heart.

& ruby of cakies blog posted this adorable photo of her daughter true & the doll that they made this afternoon during craft time; so cute!
as i said...not for at least 3-5 years but being a mum and having kids just seems like the best thing in the whole world!