February 14, 2011

( fact )

i wish my nails could be as obnoxious/pretty/fun as these ones everyday (& my phone too!)

i desperately wish my skin would tan...

i envy cute, tiny asian girls because they can wear anything & always tend to look so adorable (i really hope this didn't come off the wrong way)

i love taking the bus (for short periods of time & long) i think this is because i'm a people watcher & well, let's just say there are a ton of interesting people in my town...even if they make me uncomfortable sometimes.

i am 24 going on 80, my ideal night is knitting & watching golden girls.

when i was younger i claimed i was 'never going to work in an office', i am currently in college for executive office adminstration.

i love brushing my teeth.

i wish i could dye my hair a shade of blue or cotton candy pink.

i like online shopping because it means getting packages in the mail.