February 14, 2011

( giveaway winner )

we have a giveaway winner,
miss haley
isn't she adorable? i know she will rock this cowl with all of her heart & style! i couldn't use the random number generator this time around (my fault) i forgot to mention that each entry had to be in a seperate comment so i had to just do it the old fashioned way of writing each entry on a piece of paper and picking out of a hat...er, bowl. anyways, haley please send me an email at dear.love@live.ca so i can pass along your address to tiffany, congrats!!

did everyone have a nice valentines day?
mikey & i did all of the laundry we'd been putting off, went for a walk & enjoyed a nice steak, broccoli & rice dinner. we kept it pretty low key as wednesday is our 3 year so we're going all out for that! i'm excited to dress up & go out for a fancy dinner...are you guys excited to see what i got for mikey for our anniversary? you should be. i'm excited to show you.