February 4, 2011

( a few [random] things )

- my mascara seems to have ran off...how does that happen? it's okay, i didn't like it much anyway. it was l'oreal voluminous (like i always get) but i tried the curved brush & it was awfully chunky.

- this morning while further inspecting the roots situation, i discovered my first grey hair...this does not scare me as much as i assumed it would.

- i am REALLY enjoying this jacuzzi tub. i realized that i had never been in one except at random hotels & such & my oh my, is it ever lovely to have one in your very own home...i also enjoy having a window in the bathroom (we didn't in the last place) & it's such a pick-me-up having a sunny shower :)

- i won't be posting home photos until i am content with how our place looks. i realize this may take a little while so i will try & post sneak peeks asap as i know some of you have been asking!

- yesterday i got mikeys anniversary present. i tried to hide it until our anniversary but the cat was out of the bag minutes of him being home, i tried, i really did!! (i will share this story on the 16th, our 3 year anniversary) it's pretty cute, if i do say so myself.

- this time next month, i will be in cuba...dear lord i can barely contain my excitement!!!!