February 2, 2011

the happiest little (buddha) baby girl ever, miss frankie (mikeys niece)
this photo makes me smile so much!!
varadero, cuba
this pretty resort that we will be at this time next month
oh gosh i can't wait...snow is only pretty when you're inside.
this pretty room,
elizabeths of delightfully tacky

this pretty baby nursery,
i need to make a bunting from my hankerchief collection like katie did from skunkboy creatures

aren't these adorable!
i bought them yesterday to support janels 'push for pita' campaign. her & her husband are raising money so that they can adopt a little girl. you can make a donation through her blog or make a purchase on her etsy shop (all proceeds go to making their dream a reality!)
this adorable dress that ruby of cakies made for her daughter.
i would love to whip up something like this before we go away,
think i can do it??
& last but certainly not least...
chantilly of my girl thursdays new sewing inspired sleeve.
oh boy, i can't WAIT to see it finished; it's so adorable!
(& done by teddy...my friend who does all of my tattoos as well)
well, that's all for today.
it's super snowy out & all i want to do is nap. i should be putting together my closet\office room but i'm just not feeling it today.
lazy day oh lazy day!