February 18, 2011

( this weeks etsy faves )

i love this & wish it was hanging in my room right now

i do love my sequins & this top has a lot!!

is this not thee cutest set of cups you've ever seen?

seriously...the more i look at them, the more i convince myself that i need them

slightly obsessed with this suitcase...

vintage florals...so into you

i'm drooling...

i should be. these gorgeous shoesies are $300...ouch

this seller makes amazing handmade hammocks

i want one for our balcony in the summer...heaven

madly in love with this 1960's mid century chair

i love love love this tablecloth,

& the table for that matter...

this floral number is so pretty

these personalized pillows are so adorable & affordable!

wasn't that fun?

i love 'window' shopping etsy!