February 24, 2011

( photos! )

it was a busy weekend (last) & a busy week...between going to the cottage, attending school & doing homework, picking up last minute items for cuba, etc...i haven't had much down time to blog. anyway, here are some photos from the last little bit
(cottage & baby!!)
mikey, before we left for the cottage

the eskimos, all ready to go out & check out the ice

the weekend was full of amazing, amazing food (all of my favourites, yum!) lots of beers, laughs & a fun game of taboo! we also went into town for a couple of hours and did some ice fishing out front (didn't last long)

my big bro

mum showing me how to make the 'christmas morning' wifesaver, my favourite breakfast dish, yum!!

mikey (somehow) won the nascar bet we had going...first time in a nascar pool/watching a race & he beats all of us! i'm 'sad' as my guy was 1st for the last 5+ laps & then got into an accident on the 3rd last one...grrr! that $30 was almost mine.

kyle almost skated the length of the lake...about half.

i think he was wondering where all of the fish were?
so that was last weekend at the cottage, lots of fun & a new 'family day weekend' tradition ♥

wednesday night our friends came over with their new little bundle of week old joy, cohen...

baby fever!
i didn't want to let him go...

i probably cooed and giggled for the next two hours after he left...swooning over his baby'ness.

his num num says 'stud muffin' hehe.
mikey was poking fun that i called it a num num, that's what i called it when i was little. pacifer, soother, sucky, num num...same stuff. did you ever call it anything different?