February 16, 2011

( three years )

want to see how much i love mikey??
...this much!!

some people probably think i've gone mad but i think it's adorable (& so does mikey!) never did i ever think that i would have someone's name...or initials, rather, tattooed on me and i still wouldn't get it anywhere that you can see on a daily basis. however, i've always wanted to see what it felt like to get my inner lip tattooed (i think it's a neat spot) but i never knew what i'd write since you can't fit much in there. then i thought of this, mikeys intials! this is my three years (of dating) gift to him. as i said, he completely loved it. i got it about a week & a half ago and was thinking i could keep it a secret until today...well, i tried. of course the one day i can't drink any alcohol because i had just gotten it done, he comes home with a bottle of white wine. when he offered me a glass, i was kind of stuck and said "...i can't..." of course he was like "what do you mean you can't?" and i said "i just can't" then he started to bug me to get it out why i couldn't have any wine...well, eventually i just showed him (i couldn't think of any valid reason and i didn't want him thinking i was preggo or something...saying i can't have alcohol) anyways, surprise or no surprise, he still loved it.
again, i understand that these kinds of things aren't for everyone (no negative comments please) and some may think i'm nutso but i don't. i know that one day i will have a ring on my finger (the other hand, haha) and we will spend the rest of our lives together. i'm confident in our relationship & love him so dearly.

happy anniversary babe, cheers to many more...