February 16, 2011

( new camera )

do you see that? huh..do ya, do ya, DO YA???
it's my canon rebel, eeeee!
i love it. i love it. i love itttttt!!!!
i am over the freaking moon excited. i have wanted a DSLR for yeeeears now and was going to wait until my tax return came in, but instead my student bursary (aka: not money that i have to pay back) came in & why not get it now so i can take it to cuba with us, right??
here are some test shots...me just fiddling around with it (andy was the only one home so that's all you're gettin')

hehe. she's giving you the stink eye...
alright, time to freshen up my hair colour, shower, put on some fancy clothes & go out for a nice anniversary dinner with my mister