March 30, 2011

( changes )

to keep this somewhat short & not so text heavy, i'm just going to make a list of things i'm changing in my life...i felt the need to document it somewhere so that i'm not the only one who can remind myself of things on this list if i start to sway:

(1) exercising.

i started again yesterday with lianne & it felt really good. it's so much easier to stay motivated when you have a friend to help you along. keep at this girl, it makes you feel good; remember that feeling!

(2) eating healthy gives you less tummy aches.

for me, this is huge as i've kind of always dealt with tummy aches/having a sensitive stomach all of my life and i think i've finally figured out what triggers it. plus eating healthy makes me feel really, really good (i know..DUH!) i've started eating healthier snacks and meals and my body is reacting positively.

(3) reading & going for walks makes/keeps you happy.

mikey once said i seem happiest when i'm reading which i found sort of funny/amusing as i'm just reading, how can he tell if i'm happy? but reading does make me happy. it allows me to loose myself in another world for a bit and forget about this one (not that this one's so terrible, but we all need a break sometimes & reading is my daily break)

(4) dates with friends are always a good thing.

you are someone who needs to talk about your feelings. when you don't, you break down and shut people out...this is bad. i've always been a social butterfly (as my mum/teachers used to say) and this isn't a bad thing. it just means i need to spend a certain amount of time each week, out and about, doing things. this will be easier as the weather gets nicer too.

(5) stop talking, start doing

i'm a list maker, i like making lists & i like checking things off that list. however, lately i've felt no motivation towards getting things done (i still do what's necessary) but things that have been on my list for a long time (ie: work on our bedroom. it's the only room in the house that needs a lot of work) i have things on this never ending list that i actually want to start checking off and accomplishing

(6) & when all else fails...

have a cuppa tea!