March 22, 2011

( curtains )

this is the first thing that i've sewn in a really long time & i was super surprised at how short of a time it took me. between cutting the fabric, sewing the rough edges, probably took about 40 mins. no time at all! the above photo is the best of the fabric as that's exactly what it looks like in real-life...the below photos are a bit harder to tell as the sun was shining in!
this is my craft room/office/closet

aren't they pretty?
i love this fabric (aka: old bedsheet) so much! i thrifted it for $4.99 a long time ago and was waiting for the perfect time to use it!
i think this qualifies.
i'm so proud!! i've been meaning to get around to this for quite some time now (as this is also where i get dressed & i'm pretty sure at night with the lights on, people could see in...even though we're on the top floor & there's a balcony blocking the view) anyway, they're done, finally!