March 22, 2011

( magic bullet )

hey ladies &, gent? i think i have one boy follower, the very adorable mr. colby kern (shout outs! if there's any others, say hi!)
anywho, the magic bullet has been getting a lot of action in our house the last few weeks (not that kind of magic bullet, get your head out of the gutter) but the kind that makes delicious smoothies... this one that i so skillfully balanced on my head, haha. i had one this morning that had frozen mangos, banana yogurt & milk in it...that was my breaky. this afternoon, my smoothie is a little more grown up, with frozen mangos, strawberry yogurt, some leftover raspberry vodka (thanks els!) & milk...happy hour smoothies :) yum!! & with the magic bullet, it's so easy, it only takes 10 seconds!! haha, yes i've seen the infomercial one too many times, no they're not paying me to say this. anyway, i forsee a shit ton of smoothies in my future. a shit ton, i tell ya.


check out elycias healthy smoothie here she definitely seems a little more adventurous in her smoothie-making endeavours then moi!

now i'm going to attempt to make some curtains for my room. i've never made curtains before, i'm not using a pattern & i have absolutely NO idea what i'm doing. yes i'll show you when i'm done :)