March 19, 2011

( 5 questions to make you think )

i saw this post on mucho mucho bueno bueno & thought it might make for an interesting blog post...

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
this is a question i just don't know how to answer as i've only lived in about 3 different cities and they were all within one province. i can't very well say i'd live to live in _____ when i've never even been there before, right? however, i would love to live somewhere that has spring, summer & fall only. no winter. if there's a place like that that exists somewhere, i'd like to live there :) oh & a place that has amazing thrift shops!

2. Are you happy with where you live?
currently, yes. i've always said that i'll enjoy living here as long as the friends that i have made here, stay (i'm also only an hour from my parents&brother) once my friends start leaving then i would imagine i'd have more reason to want to move as well. also, i have no idea where i want to 'settle down' (aka: get a career, have kids, that whole shi-bang) so that would need to be sorted out before moving somewhere as well.

3. How often do you go on vacation?
it seems to be working out to be about once a year...& that is great! i'd love to take more mini vacations. this summer i want to plan a 4 day/weekend trip to montreal & camping trips as well! it's nice having things to look forward to...

4. If you could change your profession and start all over what would you do?
well, seeing as i don't have a profession yet, i can't really answer this question honestly. however, i'm taking executive office adminstration in college and so i would imagine i will end up in that field...preferably somewhere that i still have a passion for (ex: H&M head office...that's my current idea that's been floating around in my head, as i work there part-time right now & it's a wonderful company to work for!)

5. Are you honestly happy right now?
yes. i have a headache currently so i'm not too happy about that, haha...but i think this question is digging a little deeper. overall, i don't know how i couldn't be happy...i have a (lovely) roof over my head, food in my tummy, clothes on my back (more then i could ever need), amazing family & friends, an incredible mister in my life who treats me great & enough money to enjoy my life. so yes, i'm very happy!

these are good questions, aren't they?
if you answer them on your me in the comments so i can read what you think!