March 16, 2011

( rainy day outfit )

outfit details:
button up oversized 'mens wear' shirt: H&M
tights: H&M
socks: H&M
tunnel scarf: H&M
polka dot head scarf: thrifted
boots: S.O.S (tretorn's!)

i love those knee socks & i love my new rain boots;
a cute combo!

turquoise ring: vintage, gift from a friend

& here's a photo of lunch...
avocado, egg, spinach & melted cheese on delicious grainy bread ♥ and yes, it was as yummy as it looks!

now i am going to make a tea to go & head down to the library. last night i finished this wonderfully magical (slightly fantasy'ish but still very realistic) book entitled "a place called here" by cecilia ahern. it was the best book i have read in a long time, a very unique concept about missing persons & the 'land' they go to when they're gone. one of those books that i couldn't put down...anyway, i need a new one now so i'm going to see what else my library has by her :) i've been reading again a lot more lately & i love it!