March 10, 2011

( nick hornby )

i guess i first heard about nick hornby through the movies 'about a boy', 'high fidelity' & 'fever pitch' but didn't know i knew about him as i didn't realize he wrote those until i read this novel called 'how to be good'. i'm surprised i wanted to read more by him after this novel as it wasn't very good. maybe i just wasn't in the mood for a i'm-cheating-on-my-husband-and-want-to-leave-him type of novel but it definitely wasn't a favourite & i wouldn't recommend it...
however when i was at the library before going on vacation, these 2 caught my eye (& the 2nd one had been recommended to me by a friend)

& 'a long way down' i really, really enjoyed. i finished this one in a day as i couldn't put it down. as someone who has been through the process of dealing with a friend who has committed suicide, it was an interesting read. it's about a group of 4 people who meet on top of a building one new years eve, all with the thought of jumping off of it that night. anyways, i won't say much more as i recommend reading it for yourself but i really enjoyed it & it was different from anything else i've read before which i liked.

the second book, 'juliet naked' was also a decent read. it didn't have me quite as captivated as 'a long way down' but i still enjoyed reading it. it's about an interesting relationship, super fandom and a funny way of meeting a washed up rock star.

next i plan to read 'high fidelity' as i've seen the movie but it was a long time ago. generally once i've seen a movie, i won't read the book but i definitely prefer a good book over a movie.

what do you prefer, book or movie??