March 11, 2011

( mini rant )

i was extremely pleased to see this 'life & style' magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store today. it had been awhile since i've bought a trashy celeb mag so i thought "why not?" (also, life & style is only $2.99!)

anywho. the first magazine i picked up (can't remember now the name) had the title "CELLULITE CITY" and had photos of celebrities with cellulite on their thighs and bums. imagine that, eh?? real women having cellulite...out of this world. it drives me crazy that for some reason these magazines put celebrities on a pedastool, just because they are famous does not mean that they magically won't have cellulite. CELEBRITIES ARE PEOPLE/HUMAN TOO. they are allowed to have cellulite. we wonder why so many of them get plastic surgery and lipo...not just because they can afford it but because magazines and t.v shows and the media in general are making it seem as though they are inhuman, magical creatures that don't get the normal things that other 'regular' people do, like wrinkles or cellulite. so i was more than happy to see this magazine as it has kim kardashian and holly madison (former playboy model) with untouched photos (that they allowed to be printed) and stating "hey guess what? we have cellulite too...and that's okay!" i love the articles in these types of magazines too that are like "celebs are real people too" ... "they pump their own gas"..."they shop at the grocery store"..."they walk their dogs", no-friggin-kidding, THEY ARE PEOPLE. people who do regular, everyday things....argh!! sorry, it just drives me nuts.
*rant over*

on another note, i got a wonderfully large mug today with pretty pastel blue polka dots on it today for $4. it is literally the size of my head. i'm enjoying a big cup of green tea out of it right now...quite enjoyable after a long day with a pounding headache, ugh.

also, weekend...YAY!