March 9, 2011

( outfit post - cuban style )

this was on one of the first days...before i started getting some colour/tanned
polka dotted head scarf - thrifted
tube top - h&m
high waisted shorts - thrifted
(& then altered as they used to be pants)
belt - thrifted
sandals - blowfish

i didn't realize it at the time, but i must have been channeling my inner 5os here, what with the head scarf, high waisted shorts and the kind of 'sailor' look. these shorts are my new favourite item in my wardrobe. i'm so happy i didn't pass them by as they were pants at my local thrift store, but with just a few snips here & a roll there, they are perfect!!

ps: it's snowing here, hard...a blizzard even. yesterday i had my toes in the sand. it almost feels like cuba was but a dream *sigh*