March 28, 2011

( outfit post - friday )

outfit details:

click to enlarge photos

dress - H&M (only $17.95!)

tights - H&M

boots - thrifted, kensington market

denim jacket - thrifted

(after i took these photos, i added some fun glasses too!)

i love my cowboy boots so much!

i love how pretty and girly this dress is.

i recently realized i need more pretty & frilly & lacey & girly in my wardrobe!

(just to show the strap detail as it was covered by my jacket)

can't wait til it's warm enough to wear just like it was, i didn't just wear the denim jacket this day, i also had to wear my winter coat over top. it's so freaking cold here still...ugh! at least the sun seems to be shining most days now...still, i need WARMTH! i'm so done with winter and the cold...*sigh*

this weekend was a fun one. i worked a lot but also went to mikeys brother bryans 31st birthday party & it was a costume party which i want to have one every month, they are so fun! i will post photos of that when bry does :) it was so much fun and everyone looked great!