April 4, 2011

( new backpack: medium control )

i ordered this backpack from a seller called mediumcontrol on etsy & it arrived on my doorstop today. i'm very impressed with the quality of it (considering the price - $45) & can't wait to use it tomorrow for school. i've been needing a backpack for a long time as my shoulders/back always seem to be in pain from using a large purse to carry all of my textbooks & notebooks & things to school. i'm hoping this will help! what i originally wanted was a really great leather backpack, however after checking out their price tags, i just couldn't afford to buy one. anyway, i think this backpack is great! i didn't want to just go to a store and pick up a backpack just because i needed one, so i was happy when i came across this company! also, they were donating to the red cross japan relief fund in march when i made the purchase.

now what i need next to help my back, is a new office chair...one that i am able to sit up properly in and that's not so comfy/large. i think it has something to do with the slant that this room is on too...slanty house, we live in!