April 3, 2011

( outfit post - saturday )

outfit details

top - alternative apparel burnout tee

skirt - F21

knee socks - H&M

knee high boots - steve madden

[ it was just warm enough for bare legs yesterday! ]

also, my apologies...these photos are crap...

this is the prettiest skirt i have ever owned (& only $23.80)

it has been a super busy weekend...i worked everyday & went out with some girlfriends last night for a yummy dinner (perch from brio, mmm!) we went out for drinks & dancing afterwards which was a lot of fun & do you want to hear the most random thing/moment that has happened to me in forever??

okay. so my friend dawn (who i work with at H&M) was at the bar we were at and so she invited me over to meet her friends...so she introduced me to a few people, then she goes "kyle, this is carly" (& vice versa) and we both are just looking at each other like oh my god, there's no way this is who i think this is...well, it was. i had not seen this guy since i was in nursery school so like 21 years ago...and yet we both recognized each other, how crazy is that? we went to the same nursery school in my hometown (which is 1.5 hours away from where i live now) he's lived here since grade 5 apparently and ya, holy crap...my mind was blown. the best part is, he used to torment the crap out of me. i seriously hated this kid and i was sure to tell him so last night, lol (no hard feelings anymore) my mum always said the boys who pick on you, like you...i should have asked him if he had a crush on me and that's why he set out to ruin my pre-school life, hahaha.

anywho. so weird. saturday was a good day though as i found out about my placement for school (i will get more details tomorrow) and i am super stoked for it to start...and also had my review at work which went really well too! now i'm beat & ready for bed...

did you guys have a good weekend, what'd you do??

p.s: SO close to 300 followers :)