April 25, 2011

( time to recharge )

i realize that i haven't had much of a regular blogging schedule as of late & that is because the end of school was really busy for me, but also i just didn't care enough to turn on my computer & spend time online. not turning on the computer for 3 days, in this household, is kind of a big deal.

i'm slowly realizing that i need to take more time for myself & take better care of myself. i spend too much time online. it is easy to get caught up in the internet world and next thing you know it's been 3 hours and you should have been cleaning up your house, excerising or doing something productive. i've realized that i sit too much. the weather is starting to get nicer and i need to become more active as well. i feel like i sat this entire winter. sitting is great after a long day but a long day/season of sitting, not so great.

i'll still be around, i wouldn't ditch you guys forever. but everyone needs a time to recharge, right? if you don't, well kudos...but i do. i figure with the end of school and having a bit more time to relax/figure things out, now is a good time. so with that i say adios for a wee bit; a week, a month, only a few days...i'm not sure yet, but i'll be back.