May 1, 2011

( may first )

...for me this means

no shopping!
i made a promise to myself that i will not shop for the entire month of may. this is only in regards to clothes, not groceries & necessities (obviously) but if you know me, you know how hard this is...also, i work for H&M so....YA! you see where i'm going with this; it's tough!

it's going to be a difficult month i think. i start my placement tomorrow though (9-5) for 2 weeks at a really neat advertising/design/photography placed called page designs. i'm really looking forward to it and i think it's going to be a neat experience!

i am also still in the process of looking for a second part-time job. between my placement, H&M and job hunting, may is going to be a busy month.

in other news: tonight i tried these new little nail polish strips

they were easy to apply and look really pretty. i wanted one of the fun patterns like the flowers or lace but the best one they had was obnoxious gold sparkles, which are definitely fun. i feel like they don't seem as though they will stay on for up to 10 days, but i sure am hoping they do! i love & really enjoy painting my nails but sometimes it can be a pain in the arse when time is not on your side, so if these work i'll be pleased. it's pretty great not having to wait for your nails to try/worry about them smudging as well.

i hope everyone is doing well & had a nice weekend,

tell me something new & exciting...?!