June 5, 2011

( a few faves )

gorgeous strapless mexican dress, found here

i love everything about this vintage vogue poster from 1913, from here

i love the cutouts on these flats, too cute! from here

pretty prints from here (there are so many more amazing ones too, i really love them all!)

this doily clock from here is absolutely adorable, no?

obsessing over this pretty top from here

so i worked all weekend but i have tomorrow off (with mikey) so i am looking forward to that. it's supposed to be gorgeous & sunny out so here's hoping it stays that way! i need some sun in my life...& on my skin ;)

i am really stoked for this coming week. i work tuesday night but have the rest of the week/next weekend off which will be lovely. nkotbsb & a few different parties this weekend (including my birthday party!) and i am REALLY looking forward to everything! isn't it nice having things to look forward to?

looking for a pretty song to listen too? click here (then press play!) ellie goulding (♥) singing a cover of the knife, heartbeats - in love.