July 31, 2011

( the perfect levis / summer hair )

while thrifting in kelowna, B.C i took a peek through the mens jeans section...little did i know i'd be finding the perfect levis...great colour, perfectly distressed and they fit me like a glove!

best of all, instead of paying $75-$100 on etsy (or any other over-priced vintage store) i paid a whole $4.99 for them!! they used to be pants, but i quickly cut them into the perfect lengthed shorts...i've been waiting my whole life for these shorts...okay, maybe i'm exaggerating, but only a tad!

& like most levis, they hug my bum perfectly.
i've been wearing them a ton since i got back from my trip and yesterday,i wore this outfit to work at H&M...

white button up - H&M

black tube top - H&M

levis - thrifted

turquoise ring - skirt

perfect diamond ring - peoples (gift from mikey)

black studded bracelet - c/o blowfish shoes

braided leather bracelet - thomas sabo

magnetic bracelet - gift from my mum

& i've been styling my hair like this the past few days as it's been far too hot out for long, black hair...

just put in a braid on one side (or both) twist hair into bun and bobby pin into place. usually by the end of the day, the bun is a little on the messy side but i prefer that look anyways.