July 17, 2011

( saturday night, dance, i like the way you move )

as promised, here are some photos from mikey's birthday party...i didn't take a ton as i was having too much fun but here's some of the ones i did take:

also, the lumbermen played their first show in our boiling hot attic, it was a ton of fun though and they sounded so good!! i got all 'proud girlfriend' happy.

i know you're probably pretty jealous of their wicked outfits. right??

once again i've been hanging more outside of blog world than in it. i've been working a ton (having two jobs can be tiresome) but i'm also enjoying my summer. i got to head up to my cottage for a few days this past week and visit with my mum, dad & gramma so that was lovely, the weather was perfect. it's gotten insanely, insanely hot & humid here and i'm pretty much over summer. i know i know...when it's winter, we all want summer, when it's summer we want...well, i want fall. winter can go fly a kite too. i just want to layer and wear tights and boots...i love boots, i hate summer footwear.

anywho, that's all for now. i have a couple of days off this week and i am REALLY looking forward to them...like a lot, a lot!!