July 11, 2011

( my new party dress )

outfit details:

lace dress - H&M

jean jacket - thrifted

belt - thrifted

head scarf - thrifted

this dress was one of those items that i saw at my store and even though it "wasn't my style" i knew it needed to be mine. i soon realized that if i wanted it to be my style, it could be and instead of not buying this gorgeous dress because it 'wasn't me' i threw my denim jacket over it, added a belt and headscarf and bam, it felt instantly more like 'me'.

my best friend aly sent me this pretty bracelet in the mail for my birthdat. i love the colour, the words written on it and the way it wraps around my wrist multiple times. it is by a company called humanity for all and it hasn't left my wrist since i got it in the mail :)

this head scarf was also a birthday gift (from bry & jess) and i used this tutorial by keiko lynn to tie it...super easy!

i'll be posting photos from mikey's birthday party soon! but first i'm going to enjoy my day off. i worked my little butt off this past week/weekend and will be working who knows how many days straight after today so on that note, i'm going for a bike ride! enjoy your day ♥