August 16, 2011

( 3 & 1 half years )

i have spent my last three & a half years with this handsome man i call my boyfriend and my best friend. three months into dating, he asked me to move in with him, of course that may seem a little soon to some, but i knew that i wanted to be a part of his life and i'm so glad i made that bold move and took a chance! as a little girl i always thought i'd meet someone, fall in love and get married...i never had thoughts or dreams of my perfect wedding or dress or the man i'd be marrying until i met mikey. he has changed my life for the better and i cannot wait to spend many, many more years together...

six months ago, on our three year anniversary, i got this i'm getting his name tattooed across my forehead.

hahaha...juuuust kidding!