August 15, 2011

( thatgirl crochet 30% off sale!! )

remember this gorgeous green cowl that my sponsor tiffany sent me last year? or perhaps you remember the giveaway that she hosted on my blog? well, she's currently having a 30% sale for thatgirl crochet etsy shop & i think now is a perfect time to snatch up a new tunnel scarf for fall! the yarn she uses is so soft and they are very well made & SO affordable, i love mine!! personally i've found a lot of handmade cowls and tunnel scarves on etsy are overpriced, tiffany's are all under $40 and with 30% off, you just can't go wrong.

i personally just placed an order for the one pictured above, isn't the colour beautiful? she has tons of different colours and designs, and really cute crocheted headbands as well!