August 24, 2011

( !! )

to answer your question in advance, no i don't sharpie marker that on me everyday, yes it's a tattoo (i get asked this a LOT...can ya tell?)

i'm obsessed with braids. braids in my hair, braided bracelets, braided belts; love 'em

new cellphone case! my previous one broke on my trip to kelowna. i like this one 'cause it's sassy leopard print AND it's hello kitty...for the win!

oops, i should've flipped this. i got this book for a penny on for those who can't read backwards it's 'coffee, tea or me?' by trudy baker & rachel jones...a story of stewardesses from the 60s, when flying & being a stewardess was classy and glamorous! so far so good...been reading it on and off all day; from the the our bed, haha what? i've been taking it easy, my muscles are so sore (wah!) going for dinner soon at mikey's mums place, yum!!! have i ever mentioned she makes the BEST dinners? sorry'll understand when you try it!

speaking of family, i am headed to the cottage this weekend. we're having a family reunion of sorts which i am super excited about! my (extended) family used to only get together on christmas, however with mixed families and different locations and everyone's own agendas, even that has been hard the past few years so it's not often that i get to see my aunts and uncles and cousins and everyone...i hope it's a lovely, sunny day!!

side note: i have from now until monday at five off. this is absolutely unheard of since i got my second job. i have lots of plans and am going to enjoy every.single.second!