August 24, 2011

( nice things from around the blogosphere )

amy from flying a kite has the BEST wardrobe...her outfits always inspire me! plus her writing style is gorgeous.

little tree vintage posted this poster from pinterest that i couldn't help but share. it's so true!!

my cousin erin from red food colouring (who i get to see this weekend and i'm very excited about!!) recently posted photos of her new apartment that her & her brother ian share; it looks so cute!

elycia, of love elycia is doing posts bit by bit from her stunning wedding in july. i can't wait to see the rest of her posts, the accessories post has already stolen my heart!

miss kaelah's recent post on getting real (about bloggers/blogging) is so true & a very good read.

all i want is for my home to even slightly resemble that of dottie angel's

in other news, yesterday was my first personal training session. it felt really great at the time, but hates me...and is hurting like mad! i have another one tomorrow afternoon so am hoping that my muscles loosen up by then! also...whoever invented the burpie can burn in hell...