August 22, 2011

( comfy cozies )

cooler weather makes me think of big, comfy, oversized sweaters with leggings, a mug of tea and a goodbook...oooh, didn't that sentence give you warm fuzzies? haha. here's a few sweaters from etsy i have my eye on:

hooded ponchos hold a special place in my heart!

i am loving this gorgeous chevron sweater

this pretty much looks like something i want to live in!

i can't decide whether this sweater is mostly amazing or mostly hideous? majorly on the fence with this one, haha. what do you think?? ps: i hate when sellers use mannequins/awful don't have even one friend who will model for you? c'mon!

i realize that this sweater mostly looks like a bath robe but maybe that is part of the appeal? either way, i think it's adorable!

i love the colours in this oversized cardigan

i want to live in this sweater this looks so cozy!!

oh goodness, this sweater looks SO comfy!!

side note: why don't people dress/style their mannequins sometimes?

not only is the sweater amazing but i'd really like to be wearing this whole outfit right now!

um, this sweater/blanket/snuggy-like thing is amazing...and reminds me of becky from strumpets crumpets for some reason!