August 18, 2011

( tie dyed: an outfit post )

tie dyed top - F21

shorts - hand me down from a friend

[are you sick of seeing these shorts yet? i know, me too...another reason i want fall...a) so i don't have to wear shorts anymore & b) so i can start wearing things other than these. it's not my fault they go best with everything!]

shoes - TOMS

i love this top. it's 100% polyester which you'd think would be gross but it's so light and silky and breezy, so comfy! also i am trying to incorporate more patterns into my wardrobe & to stay away from stripes this season as last year that's pretty much all i bought!

[apparently this is a face i do when taking photos of myself]

yesterday was great, i had a nice little morning, worked at H&M from 12-5, went for an ice cream date with lianne (mint choc. chip, yum!!) made dinner for mikey & myself and went to bed early. today i'm working 12:30-9:30 at H&M...have i mentioned lately how lucky i really am to truly like my jobs and ALL of my co-workers? that doesn't happen often! i've been counting my blessings a lot lately. it's a good reminder how things aren't so bad, even when they feel like they are sometimes.