August 17, 2011

( a comfy outfit post )

so yesterday i worked from home (not H&M or my serving job obviously, but a smaller side gig i am doing currently) & i can totally tell that working from home would not be for me. simply because i'd probably let myself go by eating a lot and wearing comfy clothes like these ones, day in and day out...

harem pants - H&M (kids section, $2.50)

i love this top so much! bought it the other day when i was doing my back to school shopping downtown, i can tell that 'coffee' is going to be a big shade in my autumn wardrobe, i love it! it might not be the best colour for me since i'm pale but come scarf season i'll be able to accessorize it better!

also, i adore dolman sleeves...

sometimes you gotta post the bad photos too!

you might not be able to tell from some/most of my photos but i have a lot of freckles [lol] especially in the summer!

night ♥