September 8, 2011

( around the blogosphere )

kate from scathingly brilliant is so adorable. she probably has the best dress collection i've ever laid eyes on and she always look so put together and polished. also, i of course, love her pale pink hair. serious hair envy.

i know i've shared photos from dottie angel's blog before but look at this adorable trailer in her backyard. i want to hang out here...

so this isn't necessarily from around the blogosphere but remember those cute puppy photos i shared the other day? well, this is craig & lacey's little boy cohen. puppies & doesn't get much better than that. too cute to not share.

my dad sent me this in a forwarded email today. it gave me a giggle.

ack, these nails are freaking awesome! once again, they are from fuckyeahprettynails (yes i'm obsessed with this site!)

lot's of cute DIY's over on a beautiful mess. i love this lace table one and the plates below, i definitely want to try out both of them!!

naomi of rockstar diaries and her little family out for an icecream date. i think they are just the CUTEST little family. their daughter is one of the sweetest babies i have ever, ever seen. she has the cutest little face. yes i'm baby obsessed...

this skirt is perfect. so, so pretty, from mousevox vintage

my gal pal amy from a is for ampersand is SO freaking pretty, don't you think? her outfits lately have just been absolute perfection. she is also a thrifting GOD(DESS) i'm so envious of her thrifting luck, my gosh!

i hope you enjoyed this weeks 'around the blogosphere'

i've been thinking up ideas for weekly features and i definitely want this to be one of them. any ideas or thoughts on other things you'd like to see on teacups & bubble baths, i would love to hear them!