September 7, 2011

( back to school )

it's back to school day today!

it'll be my last first day of school, probably forever. this is my last year of college and as much i really enjoy school, i'm happy this is my last year as i'm 25 [and no, i don't want to wish my life away] but i definitely want to be in my chosen career soon and get on that path of 'grown-up' life. it's just time, ya know?

that photo is not from today but i found it in my archives & i just wanted to share my excitement for the fact that it is chilly enough in ontario to start wearing my slouchy toques again, yipee! i like putting big sparkley antique brooches on them to make them a little more pretty & feminine.

i don't really have anything of importance to say. this is one of those 'i feel like blogging' blog posts, that i probably shouldn't have even bothered with because the only thing i have to say is fall is here! fall is here!

& that makes me the happiest.