September 21, 2011

( around the blogosphere )

how gorgeous is sydney from the daybook? i hope i'm this stylish even while preggo (when that day comes)

i love this super simple braided scarf DIY posted by apple blue.

thanks to my cousin erin, i've now been introduced to this site, the beauty department. they have some truly amazing hair and nail and makeup and tutorials, that i can't wait to try!

found these beauties via solestruck
leila shams spring 2012 collection, loving it!

are you a reader/follower of bling & bones yet?
this gal has a lot to say & i mean that in the best way possible. she has a very open mind and posts about a lot of different, real issues...something that a lot of bloggers don't do. she's more than just a pretty face this one, i love her blog a whole lot!

elsie posted some really great thrifting tips on her blog today! also some really cute DIY adorable!! i definitely want to try them out!
speaking of thrifting, i did some thrifting today with some of my gal pals and picked up some really awesome pieces! can't wait to show you. we had a great day; lunch at a place called 'maggies' in town that i had never been to before (so yummy & healthy!) did some thrifting, shopping & got some starbucks...was a great day! i currently have a massive headache (ugh! it's been with me most of the day) & the lumbermen (the band mikey's in) are practicing upstairs. this week/weekend is going to be really fun! i'm really looking forward to more friend hangouts :) my friends are great. have i mentioned that recently??